Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hong Kong Style... Part 1

Back home, what’s new? Well, discovering culture….

A lot of people think Asia is all about “antique” and tradition, well, not any more. Asia, especially some international markets develops a sense of contemporary urban mix of the old and the modern, like Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is my home, where I was born but not raised (actually was raised in Macau, a Portuguese colony next to the Hong Kong islands) though I spent a lot of my childhood time there as well. What’s influenced me most about this city is its culture: fast-paced, a special taste of the West and the East, something that’s belonged to the Brit influence that has shaped Hong Kong for the last century.

Today, Hong Kong like most Asian cities becomes more Americanized and it’s on the same page as of the West. Dragon-I, one of the most renowned club in Hong Kong, is filled with international celebrities whenever they visit town. David Beckman, Boy George, Jay-Z have already left their marks in the club, and every Wednesday night, the club hosts a “Models Night” for the hot and chic ladies in town, and models of course get free bottles and drinks.

Models Night brings all night owls out to their favorite nest, as the guys search for the hottest girls in town and the girls pose for pictures in the club. It showcases fashion and lifestyle with its fire red setting and background. The red lamps with dragon prints all over the lamp lining symbolize Dragon-I, which is named after its owner. Girls with fashion sense flock together and it displays what’s in for fashion today in Asia. Seeing what’s inside the club shows me the still-hot one piece dress, and remember, with the BELT to emphasize the waist (if you are thin enough). The shoulders are also what’s being promoted, as seen on many runways and in Balenciaga ads.

Prints on long dress and skirts are still hot as well….it brings the St. Tropez passion to town, makes everyone feel summer is here. White is forever IN for the summer, so ladies, please do not put your white piece back in the closet yet!!! Fuchsia beaming with our 80’s HOT completely works with the whiteness and I believe it also looks gorgeous on its own.

For the men, prints on shirts are great like this one:

Why not give it a shout to the crazy prints, DEATH IS COMING?! It looks good for the guys who want to look dressy but not overly formal…

Aside from fashion, lifestyle rocks in D-I (aka Dragon-I)…as I mentioned, the long hanging red lamps…fire, passion and good luck for our Asian tradition, but it also makes the entire scene look sexy….

And of course, the bird cage on the outside…just an insider note in case anyone drops by the club while visiting Hong Kong, the birds are being “protected” by the City Government because people complain that the little ones are being tortured by the loud music and smoke surrounding the club and who knows when in the future, they may not be allowed to have the birds there anymore, so this could be one of the last shots…

Animals rights overcoming human beings….that’s new in Asia, however, we can see it as improvement…leading to more animal/human rights ;)

Random Shots…Hot Night…for the Town!!!